Porcelain Inlays & Onlays San Francisco


Porcelain inlays and onlays are tooth colored fillings that can be placed on back teeth to repair mild decay or damage. They are matched exactly to the color of your surrounding teeth and offer an aesthetically pleasing, safe alternative to traditional fillings.


Inlays and Onlays are more conservative restorations compared to crowns because less tooth material is removed. Unlike fillings, these procedures strengthen the tooth structure and leave your smile whiter and healthier than ever before. Inlays and onlays provide strength, durability, protection and brilliance. This defines porcelain inlays and onlays. Keeping your teeth decay-free and your smile beautifully white is our focus.

What Exactly Are Onlays and Inlays?

Onlays and inlays are two types of indirect restorations that Dr. Azim uses to strengthen a tooth after it has decayed. Made of strong dental porcelain these restorations offer more coverage and protection than simple dental bonding material and are a good alternative to the more invasive dental crown procedure. Onlays and inlays are created by our lab and custom-designed to fit your tooth. They tend to last longer than regular fillings.

Inlays — High-quality porcelain restorations, that are used to replace the tooth structure that has been removed due to decay.

Onlays — often referred to as partial crowns, cover more surface area than inlays and are placed over the cusp area of teeth.

The Procedure

In just two short visits to our financial district dental office, our team can effectively eliminate decay and restore your tooth to full strength. During your first visit, Dr. Azim will remove the decay. After taking an impression of your tooth, the measurements are sent to our skilled dental technicians for fabrication of the final restoration and a temporary restoration is placed. During your second visit, Dr. Azim will replace the temporary filling with your new restoration. It is bonded in place and further shaped to fit your bite perfectly.

Talk to our experienced San Francisco dentist about your best tooth restoration option. After a comprehensive review of your dental health and your needs, we can recommend some affordable options. To set up a personalized cosmetic dentistry evaluation, please contact our team today.




Our office accepts several insurance plans to provide you with the most convenient financial options. We will help you determine benefits provided by your plan and verify your anticipated cost prior to treatment.

We are focused on providing you with the outstanding dental care while maximizing your insurance benefits. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns regarding dental insurance.



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