Smile Makeover San Francisco


If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, we can custom-design a makeover to give you the beautiful smile you desire.


When a patient is not satisfied with their smile, we use smile makeovers to give them a brighter and whiter smile, free of gaps and crooked teeth. A smile makeover is a set of dental treatments that are used to give your smile a whole new look for the better. A smile makeover is ideal to fix crooked, discolored, or worn down teeth. Teeth can be straightened, whitened, or restored.

The treatments used during a smile makeover can include porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, dental implants, and even traditional or invisible braces. A smile makeover may require more than one procedure to get the results the patient desires. The first step is a consultation. During the consultation, we discuss what the patient wants, and provide them the available options. We can also share what we think might best help them. We want to make sure the patient is delighted with the results and can be proud of their smile.

Smile makeovers may consist of two or more appointments to repair teeth using veneers, implants, crowns, or bridges. Porcelain veneers can restore chipped teeth. They are thin layers of porcelain that are bonded to the tooth. Dental implants can replace one or more missing teeth by placing a small titanium cylinder in the space where the tooth is missing and can be covered by a crown. Crowns can also be used to cover damaged or decayed teeth that have been treated, and those that need to be held together because they are weak.

Straightening is done using braces and clear aligners for misaligned teeth. While traditional braces involve the use of metal brackets, which are attached to teeth for the length of the treatment, clear aligners are virtually invisible, and you can take them out when eating and cleaning your teeth.

Another popular component of a smile makeover is brightening the teeth to give patients a whiter smile. Teeth whitening techniques include take-home trays and in-office treatments. There are several options for how the treatment can be administered and how white teeth can get. If time is an important factor, a patient might opt for the in-office treatment, which provides immediate results compared to take-home whitening trays.

If you are self-conscious about the way your teeth look and want to smile with more confidence, talk to us about getting a makeover for your smile.




Our office accepts several insurance plans to provide you with the most convenient financial options. We will help you determine benefits provided by your plan and verify your anticipated cost prior to treatment.

We are focused on providing you with the outstanding dental care while maximizing your insurance benefits. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns regarding dental insurance.



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